Friday, July 23, 2010

Color my World

8 Questions Game Part 5

5) What color are your walls?

Cream. We're apartment dwellers! Whadaya want from us? Unfortunately as tenants, we are unwilling to pay the extra charge for the privilege of wall painting so let's expand the question to include some symbolism and interpretation, shall we?

5a) What color is your life?

Kevin and I have had a color scheme right from the beginning. His favorite color is green. Any green at all. Kelly green, emerald, leaf, forest. Happily, you can make any green look good with any other green in the proper proportions. My favorite color is purple. Not all purples, mind you, but thick and rich royalty purple and crisp friendly lavender.

Add them up? What do you get?

Lilacs! Violets! Orchids!

You get a lovely garden. I like to think that it's a pretty decent metaphor for our living habits. We aren't the tidiest sorts (every garden needs dirt), but we don't let bad things get us down (a flower needs the rain to grow), and if you stand back you can enjoy the view (which we do!) Should I continue? Nah. You get the picture :)