Monday, January 2, 2017

The beginnings of the list

The idea is to make a list of unfinished projects and add to it while at the same time crossing things off. I had hoped to put some pictures of half finished projects here but I have become one of those "doesn't own a computer" people in the last few years. I just use my phone for everything after all! Once I figure it out, those will go up too.

Still, let's get the list started anyway. In no particular order:

  1. Rose Log Cabin quilt
  2. 1600 scrap quilt
  3. Pair of knitted mittens
  4. Still unpainted letter stains in the bedroom
  5. Rainbow Plus quilt
  6. February Lady sweater
  7. Hang a laundry pole in the craft room
  8. Properly stack and store the many many basement books
  9. Sift through out of date paper filings
  10. Better organization system for my fabric
  11. Ditto for my yarn
  12. Ditto for the game box closet
  13. Ditto for the garage
  14. Mulch around the deck
  15. Mulch around the fence
  16. Mulch around the holly bushes
  17. Plant the garlic in spring
  18. Flip the compost in Spring
  19. Flip it again in Fall
  20. Fill up the empty wall space in the main room
  21. Downsize the unused kitchen items
  22. Install new mailbox
And that's just what I could think of off the top of my head! I plan on taking a walk around my property and adding to that list fairly frequently. I'm looking forward to really making a difference in my home and my productivity this year.