Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013... Year of Something

Our Disney Movie Excursion is over and so now what do we do?  I for one always have trouble writing when I don't have a very specific goal in mind.

Last year was a big year for us.  We moved out of our tiny one bedroom apartment.  Not that we would ever have complained about it.  Really what more do we need than a place to sleep and to keep our stuff?  But the last straw was when we did eventually end up with bedbugs there.  Meanwhile, Kevin's Grampa was gradually getting less independent.  It was suggested that we move into the upstairs section of his house which wasn't being used anyway.  The place took a lot of work and money to be semi-livable again, but we decided that maybe it was time for a change.

Kevin and I also tied the knot!  I suppose it was a long time coming and you know, I can't think of a single thing that's different about married life.  Maybe that's a good thing.  I thrive on familiarity.  Introduce a little tiny bit different to me at a time.  I'm good.

It's also high time I organized and purged.  We moved in with Grandpa to help him live a little.  Now you would think that going from an apartment to a house would give us more room.  It doesn't.  Partly because we had to merge with all the stuff in the upstairs that was already there.  Only a month ago did we finally buy some actual chairs instead of just using camp chairs all the time.  Plus, there's no closet space at all, so stuff that used to be in a closet is just out in the open for lack of a better place to put it.  I don't even know what half of it is.  Upside:  We live in a house now, so at least now there's the opportunity to have a yard sale!!  I've never had my own yard sale before!  Definitely this spring, we'll have one.  I can't hardly wait.

And speaking of yard, I'm going to plant so many vegetables!

Let's see, what else?

AH! I finally tried out for a community theater show!  I'm going to be a minor character in Cassidy Theatre's production of Funny Girl.  It's exciting and I've only had 3 rehearsals so far, but I can tell this was a good decision.  Some things (like work) are stressful, and other things and the GOOD kind of stressful.  This is definitely the good kind.  Oh gosh, get fitted! Oh geez, learn my lines! Holy Cow, these notes are high!

Finally, Kevin got me a niddy noddy for Christmas.  It's like this one, but the 2 yard version. I have been going CRAZY taking all my scraps and making hanks out of them.  I'm astounded by how much prettier they all look now.  Now I actually want to go through them and make something with all the scraps again.  Or at least try and trade some of the scraps for sock yarn so I can keep on with my Beekeeper's quilt.
Maybe I'm just stuck with a bunch of puffs and won't ever get anywhere.  It doesn't matter.  They're cute, just the way they are!  This past Christmas, I toyed with hanging some from my tree.  It would have worked too if I didn't have 2 free threads on each one looking all out of place!  If at some point I give up on the quilt, I can still embroider some snowflakes and things on them and tie in ends and actually have cute little ornaments at least.

NO! What am I saying?  I must finish it!