Friday, December 30, 2016

Cool!! So Retro!!

To be honest I wasn't sure if blogger still actually worked. It seems like Wordpress was the big thing for a while and now it's something else again? I'm not even sure.

Anyway, I think the last post was something like 3 or 4 years ago! It's almost New Years 2017 and I'd like to record a couple of my resolutions just as a way of keeping on track.

Resolution the first: Quit being such an untidy brat by putting things back where they go as soon as I'm done using them. I have a bad habit of leaving things wherever I most recently used them. Mostly craft things like scissors and half finished projects. But also hair ties and books.

Resolution the second: Quit being such a lazy brat and fetch things on my own instead of imploring my husband to do them for me. It's always a glass of water. It's really really always always a glass of water. I can get water on my own and he's not my cabana boy.

Resolution the third and most interesting: Finish Once a Week! Remember me mentioning those half finished projects? I think every knitter crocheter quilter crafter has had a nasty bout of Startitis in their time. I never bothered getting over mine. Therefore I will begin a checklist and gradually add things to it. And more importantly finish at least one thing on it per week. Furthermore, I will not add quick and easy projects for the sake of having something insubstantial to cross off.

That being said, if I'm super inspired, I'll definitely start a new project and add it to the list.

And frogging is allowed! If I find an old abandoned project I'm not in love with, it gets frogged and removed from the list entirely. For non-knitters that means ripping (rip it, rip it) a project apart. Frogging something I never plan on finishing  does not count as finishing for the terms of the once a week goal.

Well then, I'm going to get started on that big old list!