Saturday, October 24, 2009

WIP -Works in Progress

I am pretty terrible about finishing things. Not because I am bad at finishing, but because I'm good at starting. I think of an idea while in the middle of another project and I just have to start right away for fear that I might forget my awesome new idea!

Kevin is just the opposite. He won't even THINK about starting a new project until the old one is finished.

And so because I neglect this poor little blog, I suggest to myself the following: Saturday will be Works in Progress day. (Edit: So much for that... I can't keep a schedule anyway :P) A day to show off what isn't yet finished and as the weeks add up it will be a list of yet to be completed projects to gently remind myself what needs to be done.

Knitted Chainmail Inlay (in progress)
I was fascinated by chainmail inlay the first time I saw it, and immediately wanted to make something myself. I don't care for working with metal and I certainly don't have the tools. I love yarn and I can make rings out of yarn, so that's what I decided to use.

So far I'm thrilled with the results. I think the pattern is coming through clearly (and I hope you agree), and I'm having fun doing it.

Anyone who knows chainmail techniques will recognize this as a traditional European 4 in 1 speed knitting. Does anyone else find it incredibly appropriate that making maille is called knitting?

Maybe I should pick a day for finished projects too.


Maybe I should also remember to sign Amanda in rather than using Kevin's name. My bad.


  1. Hey there! As if you could not tell, I am a first time comment-er & reader.

    I saw that you were in the Cleveland area. I am in Akron. Close enough that I can call you a neighbor? I think so.

    I just wanted to say I am similar to yourself in that I am fearful that I will forget another great project while one is in progress but I send myself these very tacky (cute tacky, fyi) drafts on my phone of ideas I think of. They usually occur when I am trying to go to bed which explains my lazyness.

    Random? yes.


  2. Need to remember that: I'm not bad at finishing, I'm just really good at starting. ;)


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