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D52 - Week 21 - Robin Hood

I do believe this is the first official full-length Disney animated feature of the 52 (but certainly not the last) to feature no human characters whatsoever. I do wonder what it would be like if the whole thing were done with people instead. It would probably be...less fun. But that also makes me wonder what it would be like if the human-heavy films would've been improved by enfurrification. This goes back to my imagining Ichabod Crane as an actual crane.
As I have been saying and will probably say more, this project is all about context. In a similar way that full-feature Cinderella was refreshing after seeing a long line of package films, I found the relatively cohesive story in Robin Hood a breath of fresh air after watching the loosely-strung-together-(though entertaining each on their own)-scenes of The Jungle Book and the mix of unnecessary and unrelated scenes comprising The Aristocats. That story isn't great (I haven't read the book but imagine there's more going on than what we see in the Disney version), but I appreciate that the characters do a better job of moving it along. Those characters aren't as loveable as those in The Jungle Book, but...again, maybe I'm making too many comparisons. Though I can't think of any reason to dislike "Robin Hood," I can't think of any reason to love it either. It puts me in that hard-to-describe feeling where, although I remember being entertained well enough I don't remember why or particularly feel like watching it again either.

Favorite character: Alan-A-Dale is a GIANT CHICKEN, I TELL YOU. Unless...the largest animals (like the rhinos and elephants) are smaller than they're supposed to be? Kind of funny how most of the Animals are scaled to human proportions, yet there are still "mouse-sized" mice. I think that's why the appearance of the mice in this picture seemed a bit jolting. You get used to cartoon sizes and realistic sizes seem out-of-place. I suppose it would seem even weirder if the mice were about as big as everyone else, huh?
Least necessary character: You would think the turtles would come in handy for back-up during scenes where arrow fire needs to be dodged. But nope, none of the turtles are willing to offer themselves as shields. How useless!

Overall: For lack of any strong feelings about "Robin Hood," how about a slightly cheeky opinion?

Amanda's contributes

What is there to say about Robin Hood?  I like it, I guess.  There's nothing that makes me annoyed or upset, but there's not much that makes me laugh or get excited either.  Is it a musical? I suppose so, but there are only three songs and none of them are at all memorable and the movie would have been just as easy to follow without them. 

For me what makes this movie memorable is the huge amounts of deja vu! I don't think any Disney film before or after it had as many scenes with reused animation.   Granted, the characters were most of different designs, but the actual actions are unmistakably from previous films.  I'd do a play by play of the many scenes, but you'd do better to just head on over to youtube and check it out.

Favorite Character: Alan-a-Dale! Not only is he a giant chicken, but his minstreling keeps the story going when the movie seems to forget what is supposed to happen next. Runner up: Sir Hiss I love if only because he's such a broad character filling in the gap for whatever is needed at the time.  Sometimes he's stuffy and offended and other times he's a drunk party guy and still other times he's a concerned doormat.
Least necessary Character: Cute baby rabbit who talks with a lisp, You're not cute.  I'm just not enamored by the inability to talk.  It's superfluous and annoying, but we all have our own tastes, so there you have it.
Overall: There's a lot of action, some of it pretty amusing, in this film.  If for no other reason, it's fun to watch the zany stuff happening.

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