Sunday, February 10, 2013

Funny Girl at Cassidy Theater

I know what I completely forgot to mention!

I landed a role in a musical being produced by a local community theater!

The show is Funny Girl (I'm sure you remember it as Barbra Streisand's big break) and opening night was just this past Friday.  If you've any inclination to see it, head on over to Cassidy Theater's website for more information.

I can only blame this egregious oversight on my feeling incredibly worn out from all the work that it takes to be in one of these shows.  Poor Kevin's been putting up with night after night of either TV dinners and cold sandwiches.  Everyone once in a while I manage to make a big lunch so that he can have leftovers while I'm out at the theatre for rehearsals.  It really is just like accepting a second job.  Those twenty or thirty extra hours a week sure take a toll quickly.

And yet, it's such a pleasure! 

I was cast in the role of Mrs. O'Malley (Don't bother looking for her in the movie. You know how they change those things all up.) and I can only say I'm glad I didn't get a larger part for my reentry into the theatre world.  Last time I was on stage was way back during the run of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown at Playmaker's Theatre in Port Clinton.  I haven't lived at home since 2006, and I know it was even earlier than that.  It makes me feel a wee bit aged.  Anyway, I felt a bit out of practice and found myself running through proper stage directions and wondering which curtain was called which name.

I also didn't get nearly as much free time backstage as I was expecting because I somehow ended up as the unofficial assistant stage manager.  During tech week,  I followed the stage manager around with his script and a pen and took notes like I was back in high school.  I did manage to complete this cool hood style hat!

Now that the show is in production, I've started another one.  Show you pictures when it's done!

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