Sunday, December 26, 2010

Necessary Cold Weather Gear II

Your little digits look a little cold there, chief. Ever think about covering those suckers up? Ah. Pockets. Yes that's a good place for them most of the time. What will you do when you have to pull them out of your pockets to fiddle with keys, bags, hair, and everything else in the world with which you need to interact? Got you there, didn't I?

These are mittens.
These were made by Etsy teammate Caffeinated Frenzy
They cover your whole hand and keep your piggies warm! Frostbite should fear your cold weather gear! Oh you say you'd rather be able to move your fingers around. That's not a problem.

These are gloves.
This pair was embellished by another teammate Raging Wool
There you see? Now your fingers are still warm, but they're all separate so you can still feel the freedom of flying fingers.

What? You want to be able to touch the things you're fiddling with? Well, we can help there too.

These are fingerless gloves.
Look! Your fingers are free, they're exposed, you can touch things like your ipod and your iphone and your eyeball. Have I convinced you yet to dress warmly and keep your poor little ticklers cozy?

Next I'll have a thing or two to say about that exposed neck area. (And I'll really be getting excited about my project HINT HINT)


  1. Love the gloves! Mittens are my favourite by far. Fingers nice and toasty, and perfect for driving in. I love mittens.
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas day yesterday!

  2. I hope you have some strong influence over the teen population, 'cause it is downright frightening watching some of these kids walking around with no hats, no gloves, mini-skirts with NOTHING on the legs...but they got the boot situation down! Maybe it's one thing at a time with them.

  3. Jb, I could NOT agree with you more. Absolutely frightening! Maybe next year being completely covered will be the in thing and we'll temporarily have a warm next generation!


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