Friday, December 31, 2010

Scarf or Not Scarf?

All four of these items are covet-worthy, but two are scarves and two are not. Watch as I sort items that dance on the fine line. Click the link below each photo to go to the ravelry store for each item.

It's titled as a shawl, but it's so thin that this counts as a scarf in my book. Tiny tiny shawl=scarf.

This on the other hand is a full sized shawl worn as a scarf. Shawl=Not scarf.

A lovely cowl is certainly a scarf. Cowl = Scarf

This is a gigantic cowl, but it's more of a poncho or cape. Cape= Not scarf.

These are all beautiful, but I think the rule of thumb here is about size. Anything too gigantic stops being a scarf except maybe on the runway.

So you've guessed by now what I'm doing starting tomorrow, right? It's pretty obvious because I'm not very good at being mysterious. Also there are tags. Anyway, see you tomorrow!

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