Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Scarf Project

2011 marks the start of a new year, and in my case a new project! I'm calling it

The 365 Scarf Project

Mission: To create 365 different scarves over the course of the year and share one scarf daily via this blog. To sometimes provide tutorials as well so others might create scarves of their own.

Vision: To snuff out the dreaded "crafter's block" in myself and anyone who wishes to follow the project. To nurture a sense of pride in one-of-a-kind handmade goods. To expand my own sense of fashion, art, and unconventional thinking. To encourage individuality.


One might ask what drives me to set such a lofty goal. I might go completely gray-haired before I could think of an answer that made even a lick of sense. I guess the most straight-forward answer is this: Because I think I can do it.

It's going to take more dedication than I've ever put into a project. It's going to take more inspiration than I've ever intentionally had to search out. It could possibly consume every waking moment that I don't spend at my place of employment.

Still, I think I can do it. Oh sure, I might have to start a scarf for March and October this very moment, and I might have to have ten projects going at any one time. I might have some daily posts in which I'll be forced to show some *gasp* mediocre work. I might have to buy a pattern now and then. These are risks I'm willing to take!

Necessary Information

In each daily post I intend to include the following.

A photo: I will pray and pray and pray that my camera holds out. I will pray and pray and pray for bright sunny days for best picture opportunities. I will post a photo even if I can't get a good one! There's always the camera phone as a last resort!

A title: Every scarf deserves a title. A generic title is still a title, but I will put forth every effort to at least use an adjective. It might be only a stitch pattern. I say that's acceptable!

A method of construction: I will categorize every scarf into one of the four main categories of knitting, crocheting, sewing, or crafting. Since it is my vision that followers will be able to make scarves of their own, I will provide enough information such that a similar pattern or design can be hunted down or self-designed. Sometimes I will provide a full pattern (learning about proper pattern making along the way!)

Support and Inspiration

Let's face it, folks. There is a LOT of room for failure in this project. I realize it and I am ready to face it, but if I can get a hand now and then, I will be ever so grateful! Please, offer your support in the comments of this blog. Send me links to images and designers that inspire you and might inspire me via twitter ( ) Send me photos when you decide to make one of the daily projects. It gives me inspiration just knowing that someone is enjoying the creativity along with me.


  1. YOU CAN DO IT! It's going to be a rough road. Honestly, the very idea of making a scarf-a-day sends me into a panic & I want to crawl into the fetal position and cry - BUT - It is do-able! I'll do my very best to be your cheerleader :D

  2. I am starting a similar challenge on my blog - only it is a painting a day for a year. It is tough - but you can do it. Just remember NO EXCUSES! Do it! Good luck :) I am now following - need to see how this goes and the lovely scarfs you create...

  3. I love and need the support! Thanks, ladies!


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