Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 316 and Cagey

At first my idea was to make a very fast chain scarf but do so in a normal widthwise manner rather than the usual method of chaining the entire length of the scarf and making a couple of single crochets here and there. This time I did three rows of normal single crochet and a forth row consisting of loops 20 chains long. I used a single crochet to secure each loop just as if it were a normal SC row and had to chain 11 to get the height I needed to continue.

Interestingly, this creates a scarf that is (though open and loopy) doubly thick at all the chain locations. You could pull some of the loops forward and trap something in the cage of chain stitches if you so chose.

I mentioned that this was the intention at first. While I accomplished the intention, I think what I got from this scarf instead was a realization... even an epiphany!... that tonal color combinations have the potential to work more pleasingly as block colors than do solids! I was anticipating something a GREAT deal less nice than this turned out and I think it's completely due to my misconception that gradients would look awful with other gradients! I stand humbled and corrected!

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