Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 318 and Caught

There's so much that can be done with these loops!!! I'm going to play with this toy until it breaks!

So this time around, I crocheted the loops a little shorter and just like a certain other stitch from the knitters repertoire, they fit right inside each other! I did the return row out of order. I can see this being made into a sort of cabling method somehow. Then I thought it might be a little too thick to be comfortable if I did this for the whole scarf, so I made some more loops and did 2 return rows of single crochet. The second return row was around the same loops as the first to hold them open a little better and I was able to use them as a keyhole to make this a keyhole style scarf.

I know there's more that can be done with this method... Yeah, I'm so totally going to play with this toy until it breaks. I'll try not to do it so consecutively next time though. I can see how I might get the concerned friend's gradually decaying look of tolerance if I over do it.

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