Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 182 and RicRac

I don't know if that's what it's called everywhere, but in America, ricrac (or rikrak) is a type of zigzag ribbon embellishment. Because the bends are exactly symmetrical you can take two pieces and swivel them around each other and still have a flat piece of now doubled ribbon.

I saw no reason why this couldn't be done with a chevron pattern in yarn. I used a size K crochet hook and worsted weight yarn. I didn't count my chain, but just made it very long and cut off whatever I didn't want when I was finished.

I hope to make this a little more specific after I do some serious counting, but for experienced crocheters, this is the recipe.

The pattern repeat is 5 DC, skip 3 ch, 5DC, ch3, 5DC (the first dc is in the same chain as the most recent stitch). Make this single row as long as you want your scarf and then make it once more with a contrasting yarn. Twist the two ribbons together so that they lie flat. For the outer edge, DC 4 into each corner as they present themselves as well as 5 DC in each color ribbon at the ends to turn the scarf corner.

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