Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 199 and Crowned

This was a very very simple slender cowl with a border, but after finishing the top half of the border, I couldn't help but see a crown in the design. Coincidentally it's a snug cowl and also fits perfectly around the ears so it does double duty.

Size J hook
Worsted weight yarn
tapestry needle

Chain 7. DC into 4th chain from hook and next 3 chains (5 sts)
*Chain 3, DC into the second stitch and next 3 stitches* until you've made 39 rows in total or until the length will comfortably fit around the head. Tie off and sew the beginning chain to the final row to form a loop.

Row 1: Slip stitch around any DC and chain one. Single crochet around the length of the loop 64 times. Slip stitch to join the round.
Row 2: Chain 3, DC into the same stitch, chain 4 and make a picot by slip stitching into the first of the 4 chains you just made. DC twice more into the same stitch. Skip 4 chains. *DC twice into the next stitch, Make a picot, Dc twice into the same stitch, Skip 4 chains* Repeat to the end of the round making a slip stitch to connect the round in the 3rd chain of the beginning of the round.
Tie of ends.

Repeat the border on the opposite side of the loop.

If you like the crown look and want to make an earwarmer instead, complete the first border but on the second side only complete round 1 so as to give a neat edge.

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