Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 212 and Free Wardrobe

I'm thrifty. I'm cheap. I'm frugal. No matter how you look at it, I don't much care for spending money. This scarf is a testament to the fact that sometimes you really CAN get something from nothing or at very least almost nothing.

This was made from one of those orange emergency blankets that wouldn't be of any use in an emergency because they're thin as sheets anyway. They are, however, ridiculously huge so the yardage is admirable and it's jersey so it doesn't fray or ravel.

Cut yourself a piece no shorter than 3 yards and no more slender than 16 inches.

Grab yourself a mannequin or a dress dummy or a willing friend and start tying. Be creative! Be Crazy! Be daring! Amaze yourself with what you come up with and when you've found something you like, take it apart and do it three or four more times so you'll be able to recreate it on yourself.

Granted, making a scarf bodice does take a certain kind of courage as not every woman is ready to show off her every curve and most of these bodices are on the provocative side. Go on. Take a chance. My favorite is this one and is tied as such:

Center your scarf across your abdomen. The left end should come up from behind your right shoulder and the right end should come up from behind your left shoulder so that they criss cross at the back. Tuck both ends into the portion lying across your abdomen and tighten and adjust until you feel comfortable. (This one happens to have the most coverage. Maybe that's why it's my favorite.)

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