Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 197 and Cards

Does anyone remember in grade school when your friend or sometimes the teacher would show you a geometry trick. Of course you didn't know it was a geometry trick at the time and even when the trick was complete you weren't particularly impressed by it. Anyway, you would be shown a playing card and told that it could be made big enough to fit over your head (or, if the cutter was particularly skilled, your entire body). I still remember that little trick being the nerd that I am and by making the cuts in this piece of fleece wider and shorter I got a very interesting result.


Big drapes with pointed ends that hang below bib level and if hung properly look rather stylish. I used half a yard of fabric and my cuts were very short and very few indeed. I don't think I made a cut longer than about 5 inches and including cutting the fold I only used the scissors 4 times.

If you've never seen the playing card trick, check out this link with pictures to the oldie but goodie math trick.

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