Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 193 and Mixed Berries

Kevin named this one for me. Sometimes I show him progress on a particular scarf and he just shouts something out. Sometimes I agree with him!!

Anyway, this would be a good candidate for a scrap scarf. I happened to have five colors that looked nice together, but any number of different colors would make a fascinating piece.

You'll need:
Size M or size N crochet hook.
At least 3 oz. Worsted weight yarn which will be held double throughout.
Tapestry needle is NOT necessary! (This thrills me.)

Every single stripe has not only the yarn tails as fringe, but also a slight chain length which acts as part of the fringe. It creates the illusion of a much wider scarf as well as the illusion of a more substantial fringe. Of course, if you're a fringe enthusiast, there's no reason you couldn't add even more fringe after the fact.

All abbreviations are American.
The beginning section:
-Chain 15.
-Double crochet into the fourth chain from the hook as well as the next 5 chains.
-Chain 6, cut your yarn leaving about 4 inches and tie off.

All following sections:
-Chain 6.
-With the fringe on the right, SC once into each of the 5 DCs and once into the top of the turning chain.
-Chain 3 and turn. Skip the first stitch and DC once into each of the next 5 DCs.
-Chain 6, cut your yarn leaving about 4 inches and tie off.

Repeat these sections for as many stripes as you'd like until you have the length you'll enjoy. Trim the fringe so that it's even if you like or leave the lengths uneven. If you're really an overachiever and have a sense of fun, consider each of the chain tails a place to attach a pompom or a tassel or even a large bead or button. There's definitely room to use your imagination here!


  1. Your scarves are inspiring! I am an intermediate-level crocheter, but have not been designing my own patterns. But after looking over your site, I am going to invest in a crochet stitch book and give it a try. I love all your scarves, but particularly this one - Mixed Berries. Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. Thanks Karen! It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, I'm sure you'll be making your own inspiring creations. And if you ever think of it, send a link to some pictures. I need inspiration too ;)


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