Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 183 and Turkey

Happy Halfway Point!!!
Only 182 scarves to go!

It's strange to describe this stitch pattern because it's as easy as it is tricky! Experienced knitters will recognize it right away as either the Turkish stitch or the purse stitch. As best I understand, the two stitches are very subtly different, but perhaps that's a different scarf.

Cast on any multiple of two stitches (I used 16 stitches) using a sport weight yarn and size 15 needles. I highly recommend a plant material for this one. Cotton, bamboo, hemp, and linen will all make a very airy summer scarf that will be easy to clean and maintain the wide lace holes while it's being worn.

Every row is as follows: *K2tog, YO* repeat to the end of the row.

If you're wondering what makes this tricky, keep in mind that the very last stitch of every row is a yarn over. If you set this scarf down, it's entirely likely that the yarn over will have fallen off. Check your work before each row and wrap that yarn once more around the needle if the YO has gone missing. You'll know at a glace if you have the correct set up because the first stitch on the needle will NOT have a stitch below wrapped around it.

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