Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 204 and Afghan

I'm new to this technique so it looks pretty raw, but one has to start somewhere -- am I right?

Tunisian crochet, also known as afghan crochet, seems to me like a cross between knitting and crocheting. You work with a long stick like a knitting needle but it has a hook at the end like a crochet hook. The fabric is thick, warm, and tends to curl a little bit so blocking is helpful. I can understand why it would be useful as afghans because the fabric is so hearty. There are plenty of videos on youtube as well as pictorial instructions all over the web so it's work a shot if you're a happy hooker.

I did a basic keyhole construction here by stitching until it was a nice length, making a gigantic vertical button hole and finishing when I felt the cut end would be about the same length as the pull through end when worn. No real instructions here, sorry!!! I think this is the sort of scarf that everyone should learn to improvise in order to make oneself more versatile. Good luck!

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