Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 202 and Hot

It's hot today. So hot the two cheapskates that live in this apartment (us) actually turned on the air conditioning for a whole hour. Now most people would say that's nothing and will run the AC day in and day out, but we're a different breed of person. We're old fashioned, cheap, climate change believers, and stubborn. We'll put up with a LOT before we bend to something as trivial as a little sweat.

There's NO WAY anyone in their right mind would wear a scarf on a day as hot as this. Maybe this one. It's a piece of lace. One yard by eighteen inches with a cut in the center. I took some crochet thread and worked around the cut edge with single crochet stitches for a more finished look. It weighs nothing, it feels like nothing, but it's so darn pretty. Even on this ridiculously hot day, it would be useful for someone who would like a little more on than just a tank top.

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