Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 218 and Bedazzled

In the early 90s or possibly the late 80s I remember being given a bright pink box for a holiday or my birthday or something. Inside it was a pink thing that looked like a giant stapler and a swarm of tiny prickly pointy rhinestones. It was a Bedazzler. I was an extremely crafty girl, but for some reason, it never took and it's been sitting in my mother's crafting closet ever since.

Fastforward to today. I'm at a yard sale and see a small box filled with prickly rhinestones. At the same yard sale, there is purple tulle ribbon and a man who will sell them to me for a quarter each. Yes. Yes I will buy these things from you, sir. Your work room was purple and orange but it was time to redecorate? Thanks for sharing. Strange colors for a dude to have chosen.

ANYWAY! I didn't have the machine, but getting the little prongs to close wasn't really all that hard. A pair of pliers to start it and my thumb nail did the rest. If you're dazzling something sheer like I was, make sure to at least double the fabric. Those prongs are sharper than they seem and they'll tear the fabric if it's too delicate unless you give it some girth with extra layers. I just took a long piece of the tulle and folded it in half. By dazzling only one side and through both layers I had a scarf that was already folded in half for the jeweled end to slide through.

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