Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 232 and Making it Last

A scarf doesn't usually take a lot of yarn, but once in a while you still find yourself a little short. In times of need, turn to technique. Even with a yarn eating technique like crochet a little bit of lace goes a long way in making your yardage last. It doesn't even have to be feminine. A row of mesh serves to lengthen your yarn and remain a unisex design. A bunch of rows of mesh and you don't have to settle for a cowl or a keyhole and have the full length scarf you were hoping for.

Size K hook
Aran or worsted weight brushed yarn 100 yards or less

- Chain 19
- DC into the 4th and every chain across.
Row 1: Chain 3, turn, DC into the second stitch, *Chain 1, Skip one stitch, DC into the next 2 stitches* repeat across the row.
Row 2: Chain 3, Dc into second and every stitch across.

Repeat rows one and two until you run out of yarn or you're happy with the length.

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