Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 236 and Fanboy

Fanaticism is rampant! I can't say I'm not okkay with it because I have my own movies, tv shows, books, and entertainments that sometimes overrun my life. If I'm going to be obvious about it, I might as well wear it on my sleeve, or in this case around my neck.

It's true. I'm a pokemon fan. I stopped right about when the Sapphire and Ruby installments came out, but that doesn't lessen my enthusiasm. This could easily have been either knit or crocheted. I decided to crochet today for the sake of speed. Truly the only thing this scarf required was a color scheme and an applique. The ball might be round, but the iconic image in any shape is easy to spot. There are plenty of other icons that could be done just about as simply.

One circle is the pokeball button, but what of three black circles? Mickey? What about a white scarf with a red or pink bow? Would you instantly recognize the muted colors of the amazingly long scarf of Dr. Who?

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