Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 221 and Wide

A scarf needn't be narrow. In fact, the wider the better really because extra fabric makes for greater versatility! If your scarf is particularly wide, it doubles as a shawl or a wrap. Certain widths make it usable as clothing instead of just accessories.

I also happen to appreciate asymmetry. This particular fabric was a slippery polyester probably designed as a second layer for a skirt. The filigree you see is only on that side of the fabric. The other end doesn't have a defined edge motif. I'm okkay with that. I know that both ends don't look the same and I don't think they have to. If I want to show off the filigree side and not the overall pattern side, that's my prerogative. Vice Versa too while we're at it. In fact, I think that the one edged fabric makes for greater versatility as well! Just as the width can allow you to wear a scar fin different ways, the fabric pattern will allow those different ways to appear differently based on which pattern is visible. All the more fashion options for you. :)

Also does anyone else feel like prerogative is about the weirdest spelled word you've ever seen? It looks so clashy against itself, doesn't it?

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