Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 219 and Endings

There are quite a lot of patterns out there that are very lovely in the middle of a project, but little do you realize when trying to make a scarf or an afghan that the beginning and the end are unattractive, a strange unmatching gauge, or just plain unwieldy!

Easy fix! Anytime you love the pattern but hate the ends, put something there. For knitting, a nice garter stitch, ribbing or seed stitch usually does the trick. With crochet, a granny square, any other worked in the round motif, or some nice clean looking double crochet is usually all that is needed.

This scarf was a mesh stitch with a half shell on each end for a tidy vertical line, but it had a peculiar convex curve at both the beginning and the end. I figured that something round would fill in the gap nicely and made an easy picot flower and attached it as I stitched. It also made a very cute little sunburst focal point for the scarf as a whole proving once again that trouble shooting can and will help you! No need to scrap a project when a little fixit does the trick!

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  1. I like the scarf ending, looks really well. Adds a great finishing touch!


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