Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 213 and Hooks and Needles

Crocheting and knitting really go hand in hand. There is a whole huge world of projects out there that require the knowledge of both skills. Also if you know one skill, it can help you learn the other as well as expand your understanding of the architecture within each craft.

Among the things I learned during this quick project: Gauge is a whole different experience. Even though I used Very differently sized tools, the smaller tool (crochet) made a wider fabric over the same number of stitches! As a result, this cowl undulates slightly as it changes from knit to crochet and back again.

I didn't use any special pattern here. I cast on a few stitches, knit a few rows, then switched to crocheting using the knitted loops as my first crocheted row. It was easy and it was fast and it was a very educational experience.

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