Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 237 and Carried

This scarf would be an excellent introduction to color knitting even though you never make a single stitch using the second color! That's right, even though both colors are visible relatively equally, only the yellow mohair is knitted. The feather yarn is carried along with it the entire time getting caught between the stitches with a traditional stranding technique.

I think the continental knitting method with both colors in one hand is the most comfortable way to work this scarf, but experiment with your own ways as well. Work the first stitch normally. Work the following stitch by reaching your needle under the carry along yarn before picking up the main yarn. This causes the carried yarn to be secured by the legs of the just made stitch. The same technique can be used when using fair isle and a large gap causes unruly long strands at the back of the work to sit nicely woven into the fabric.

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