Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 38 and the Princess Charming

The frog closure and cape style drape remind me of the fancy medieval dress you see at renn faires and I really love it! I was sad though that when wearing it you really don't see the preciously little button made from knotted i-cord so I took a bonus picture just for y'all. The body of the piece is very simple as it's just a rectangle and the look comes from the way a rectangle folds when the fabric has the proper drape.

12 oz worsted cotton in main color and 8 yards in contrast color
Size 10.5 needles
Tapestry needle

Main body
Cast on 36 In main color
Row 1, 2: K2, P2 across
Row 3, 4: P2, K2 across
Repeat this simple double seed pattern until you have the length you need. For me it was 20 inches.

Frog closure
Make 4 stitch i cord for 14 inches in contrast color
Cut one piece 7 inches long and graft or sew into a loop. If your seam is not that cute, you can hide it in the center.
Using another piece of contrast yarn, neatly wrap the center of the loop for about an inch and a half or whatever looks right to you and secure ends by knotting them together and hiding the ends in the wrapped section.
Sew one loop to one end of the scarf at the center. The center of the wrapped loop should be at the edge of the knitting.

Take the remaining i-cord and tie and overhand knot loosely. Take one end of i-cord and thread it through the loop one more time to make a star shaped knot. Rip back both ends of the i-cord until they can be sewn together and still hold the star shape. If your connection is not that cute, just work it around and to the back.
Sew the frog button onto the other end of the scarf and use the frog loop for a guide. Keep in mind it will pull a little bit while it is around your neck so go a tiny bit farther than what looks correct.

Hide all your ends and enjoy!

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