Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 50 and What was She Thinking?

This is insane. What was I thinking? It was a good try! The concept was pretty cool! The execution was a little...shaky. I bet if this were done in only fleece with only 2 very bright colors so that it was clearly a school spirit type crazy scarf, then it would work for me. As it stands, it's totally not my style, but I think there's probably a niche out there somewhere.

Anyway, I cut a bunch of strips around 14-16 inches long and in various widths depending on the thickness of the fabric. I used scraps and hems that were cut from tees and strips of fleece and anything that wouldn't fray. Then I put one strip across the center of another strip and tied the one below it into an easy double knot. I put a new strip across the center and tied the previously untied strip. I kept going until I was out of strips and then for the final knot, tucked it through the very first knot to make an unbroken collar.

It's insane. I know. I'm cool with it.


In other news, I'm not back at 100 percent but I do feel a lot better and should be able to fix and make make pretty and add descriptions to the last few entries.

Wish me good health, friends!

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