Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 54 and the Pocket

You all know I'm a rather poor sewist. I'm working on it, but to really get any better, I think I need more patience and a teacher. Still, I can accomplish simple things! Using fleece as a background and fleece as a pocket, there is very little preparation needed and the execution is ridiculously easy.

Here I picked a zany pattern and cut a rectangle to the length and width that I wanted. Then I rotated the pattern and cut a pair of squares to be the pockets. I didn't even measure. They were just barely smaller than the scarf.

I left a VERY wide seam more than an inch and without folding or pinning sewed right around three edges. The top was left unsewn of course so that it was the opening of the pocket. I did the exact same thing on the other end of the scarf. Then, I took a pair of scissors and fringed one flap of the seam I just made around all three sides. It hides any imperfection in sewing such as curvy seams and it makes the pocket stand out so it's clear that it's a pocket.

Stick your hands in on cold days or carry small items like your music player or your lunch money.

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