Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 57 and the ShortRow Ruffles

Can you even really call these ruffles? This was a very VERY wide short row repeat so the ruffles are very spread out resulting in a lazy meandering scarf rather than a full fluffy ruffle. Still, I think that's the best word I could choose.

In this case, I cast on 12 and did a short row wedge starting by knitting 10, turning and going all the way back, then 9, then back, then 8 and so on until I had no more stitches left. Then I did 3 rows even and did another short row wedge starting from the other side. In this way the short row shaping traded sides and made sort of a wiggly scarf that folded over on itself in a very loose ruffle. If you happen to be able to knit left handed, this would be a great time to use your ability. Turning after just a few stitches on each row can get very tedious.

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