Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 43 and Lace

Such a very delicate and feminine addition to a wardrobe is this scarf! It wouldn't keep you warm, but it might make you want to warm up to your sweetie.

A different fabric requires different handling. Always, always, always have scrap to practice on when you're working with a delicate fabric like lace. I found I had to loosen the tension all the way to zero on my machine in order to comfortably work with the lace. If you still have trouble, you can sandwich the lace bits between tissue paper and when you're finished sewing, rip the paper away.

Here I used two pieces of a lace panel and laid them side by side. I overlapped just the very edges and sewed very slowly so that the two were connected.

Like I said yesterday, practice practice practice and keep trying new things.

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