Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I've learned

I'm one twelfth of the way through The 365 Scarf Project and I feel I've earned a moment of reflection.

I've learned that sewing and crafting are infinitely faster than either knitting or crocheting.

I've learned that knitting and crocheting take up a whole lot less space than sewing or crafting. I sure do wish I had room to leave my sewing machine out all the time instead of having to pack it up in the closet just to have the living room back.

I've learned that a scarf takes up a lot of space in a home (haha! I will soon have no room in my closet for my clothing. I need to rent a POD or something!).

I've learned that planning ahead saves last minute panicky scrambling. It also allows me to do some fun finicky scarves. I really do enjoy making very delicate lace and intricate cables, but they take so much time that I have to have many many daily scarves saved up just to have the time to make a more intricate one. If you haven't already guessed, I HAVE made each and every scarf within the confines of this year, but I have NOT made each one day to day.

I've learned that it's hard to think up designs for men that don't bore me to death! It's not that I don't like neutral colors. I love them! It's more that making something look manly generally means making it basic. Small textures, no lace, no crazy color work. I know some men would love that sort of thing, but for the most part, it's hard to make a design new and different.

I've learned that having a friend or a follower watching you in your goal is very very motivating and I'm grateful for it.


I've learned that I LOVE not having to swatch! Shameful isn't it? Even with a scarf, I know I should, but Pfft forget it! Straight to the main event!


  1. Hip-hop Hooray for sticking with it! and you're right, mens scarves can be super boring! I think that's why I don't make many...

    Down with swatches! (Hahaha- I loathe swatches)

  2. Swatching. The divisive crafters issue, heh. Sometimes I like it, others not. I think it depends on the project. If it's for something big like a sweater or a design of my own, then I always swatch. Otherwise, nah, I skip it too :)

  3. I think it's great that you are stopping for some self reflection. Thanks for keeping it real for the rest of us! Keep it up Amanda!


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