Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32 and the Shell Belt

I had wanted to make this even wider, but sometimes the yardage of your yarn is your biggest enemy. Therefore I present another type of keyhole, the end loop or the belt style. Here I have crocheted a side to side scarf, but it was rather short as I knew there wasn't enough yarn for a traditional style scarf, so I made it as long and as wide as I could and when another row would certainly not work, I chained and attached it via slip stitch to the beginning row to make a loop at the end. The loop was neither sturdy nor attractive, so with the little yarn I had left, I turned the work and did another row of shells. That's the gist of it. Following is a slightly more legible pattern.

125 yds worsted weight yarn
Size J hook
Tapestry needle.
Shell = (2 dc, ch1, 2dc) All into same stitch

Chain (multiples of 4) 138
Row 1: Shell into 4th chain from hook, (Skip 3 ch, Shell into next chain) to end of row.
Row 2-6: (Ch 3, Shell into Ch 1 space of shell below) to end of row.
Loop row 1: Chain 18, slip into chain loop of first row. Chain 3, turn.
Loop row 2: Shell into 1st chain, skip 3 ch, shell into next chain, skip 3 ch, 3 dc into next ch, ch 1, 3 dc into next chain, skip 3 ch, shell into next chain, skip 3 ch, shell into next chain, Slip stitch into 2nd DC of 6th shell row, turn.
Loop row 3: Slip stitch into every stitch including chains. At the end of the row, slip stitch into chain loop of 1st shall row, tie off and hide your ends.

I kept a longer end and hid my final end by threading it through the chain loop to reinforce it. If you tend to chain very tightly, you may not feel that it's necessary and that's okkay too!

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