Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 55 and the Silly Willy

It could have been a very elegant ruffled collar, but I used fun colors and so instead it's a silly willy funny ruffled collar. I still think it's awesome but best suited to someone with a very bold and sunny personality!

It was incredibly easy to do. Cut a rectangle that's about twice the circumference of the neck that needs warmed and as wide as you wish. Mine happened to be striped so I didn't need to measure and just followed the stripes as if they were cut lines. Cut very small snips in the center of the rectangle and through the little snips you'll thread another strip of either fabric, lacing, leather, or whatever cord you like. The collar will ruffle up a little bit and you'll just tie the thread into a little bow and be the sunniest funniest scarf wearer around.

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