Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40 and the Buttoned Collar

What can I say about this little sweetie? It's cute, it's got one button and one button hole. If you haven't already seen Lucy Neatby's Knitting Gems DVD, then I recommend checking it out. She has a very good demonstration of a self-reinforcing "one-row" button hole that would suit this scarf perfectly!

As much as I love not swatching, this is one where it's necessary. Getting gauge isn't important, but making a practice buttonhole is very useful. Sew your button to something and practice putting it through your swatch buttonhole. You'll know right away if it's too big because it will fit through too easily and you'll know right away if it's too small because you won't get your button in. If you think you have a winner, tug your fabrics. If the button doesn't come loose, then you know you're ready for the real thing. If it does come loose, then you'll need to make your buttonhole smaller and try again.

2 colors Simply Soft held together
10.5 needles
Tapestry needle
Smaller needle to fit button if necessary

Cast on 3
Increase row: Knit into the front and back of first stitch, K 1, Knit into the front and back of last stitch.
Even row: Begin seed stitch pattern and continue throughout. Knit the purls and Purl the knits. The orientation of each stitch should change stitch by stitch.

Complete these 2 rows until you have 21 stitches. Seed one row even.
On the next row seed make your buttonhole at the center of the fabric, keeping your seed stitch even on each side.
Work in seed stitch until the even portion of the scarf is as long as needed to comfortably fit around the neck. Approximately 18-20 inches.

Decrease row: K2tog, Seed stitch to last 2 stitches, K2tog
Even Row: Work seed pattern evening( Knit the purls and purl the knits)
When only 2 stitches remain, bind off.

Sew the button on the last even worked row at the opposite end of the buttonhole for symmetry and darn in any loose ends.

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