Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 247 and Confetti

This is a fantastic project to do with kids because there's no wrong way to do it and young creativity is so refreshing to watch as it happens!

Make yourself a plain jane scarf. I used double crochet the long way, but stockinette in knitting would be fine and single crochet would look nice too. It's important to use acrylic yarn because the color is added with sharpie markers! Permanent markers aren't always permanent on natural fibers, but they stick fast on most synthetics. The idea here is to just have at it! I grabbed a handful ad made spots everywhere, but if you or your little ones feel inclined to draw a picture, write a name, commemorate a date or anything at all, it will make your scarf all the more special. If you're really daring, this would be an excellent project to make many multiples of and have as a favor at a party (putting this much work in, I'd save it for the most special of parties such as Thanksgiving or Christmas).

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