Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 249 and Everywhere

It's the little things that make us special. It's the little things that make our hometown or our school or our hobbies special. It's the little things that make the things that we like special.

A little thing like a piece of fringe can make a boring scarf into a special scarf. In my world it's very rare to have too much of a good thing so I figured I'd add that fringe all over the place!

Easy recipe! Chain as many as you want (as you can see, I made a super long scarf this time). DC into the 4th stitch and every stitch across for every row for as wide as you'd like your scarf.
The real excitement is adding the fringe. Cut many many lengths of fringe and go to town! Use your crochet hook and latch them in anywhere you think feels good. I made a sort of broken zig zag pattern with mine and I made them quite long (9 inch cuts). I used all the same color, but lots of scraps would look fun as well.

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