Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 263 and Target

It's tough being a handcrafter in a big box world. Not all of us have the resources and the financial security to completely rid ourselves of the huge corporations that stamp out independent design. Let's face it though, they aren't entirely bad. There are plenty of big corporations that do many nice charitable things for society too. In every case, there is an upside and a down. If nothing else, we can really stick it to the man with a little artistic expression!

A few days ago I made Stacks, in which a garter stitch was slightly misaligned to give the impression of different pieces put together. I used the same idea to actually put different pieces together here! I attached each strip as I stitched with a 50% increase in rows for each stripe. (Basically this means that there are 3 garter ridges for every 2 ridges on the previous color)

If you're having trouble seeing the tongue in cheek man sticking, maybe you'll see it better from this angle! If this logo isn't your style, invent your own logo and wear it proudly.

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