Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 250 and Tight Fisted

You have to work with what you have. If you've got a stash and I know you do, it's important not to hoard it all. Use it! Love it! Enjoy it! As much as I love a skein of yarn I will always love it more as a wearable or household item.

This was from a skein that I have planned for another project, but I knew ahead of time that I had purchased WAY more than I needed. I suppose you would call this pre-stash busting.

All I did was make a thin strip of crochet three times longer than I wanted this cowl. I braided it around itself and connected the final strip and called it a day! The hardest part was the actual braiding. You can find tutorials about making a braid out of a single strip in various tutorials all over the net and it's most often called the "Sailor's Knot." That's your best bet search term right there.

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