Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 269 and Raglan

I think this would qualify as a dickie. I loved the giant cowl I made about a week ago most of all for the way it opened up and made room for the shoulders without stretching or curling up and the key of course is increasing!

I recommend this highly as a gateway to sweaters for beginners or as a very speedy giftable. It's basically the beginnings of a raglan sleeve top down sweater and could easily be modified into it.

Loops and Threads Incredible (held double) one skein
Size 15 needles, circular
Tapestry needle

PM: Place marker
SM: Slip marker
M1R: Insert left needle from back to front below the ladder between stitches of the previous row. Knit the stitch.
M1L: Insert left needle from front to back below the ladder between stitches of the previous row. Knit the stitch.

Cast on 44, place marker, and join in a circle. Be careful not to twist the cast on edge
All odd numbered rows: Knit around
Rows 2, 4, 6: purl around
Rows 8, 10: Knit around
Row 12: Knit 5, *PM, K1, PM, K10* 3 times PM, K1, PM, K5
#Even rows 14- 24: *K to marker, SM, K1, SM* 4 times, K to end of round.
Rows 26, 28: Purl around
Complete row 29, then bind off in purl.

If you'd like to make this even longer, work more of the row marked with the # sign.


  1. Reminds me exactly of Elizabeth Zimmermanns knitted dickie! I've always meant to make one of them, I bet they're super snug in the winter.

  2. Agree!! I wore it around the house until bedtime as soon as I finished it! I'm going to give this one away for Christmas, but I'm definitely planning on making another for myself :)


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