Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 260 and Party

This is the kind of thing that the life of the party wears. It's scrappy, it's loud, it's fluffy, it makes the wearer feel like they're that much more fun. It's also easy, fast, and perfect for when you have lots of yarn and no tools.

I took 17 different but coordinating bits of novelty and smooth yarns from my stash and held them all together as if they were one giant yarn. There was fur, glitter, barberpole, feather, ribbon, and who knows what else. I tried to focus my colors on black, pink, and rainbow just so it would look a little more deliberate. I used my fingers to make a slip knot and then reached into the slip knot and pulled through a loop. Reach into the new loop and pull out another loop. Keep doing this until you've got a fat ropey scarf as long as you want it to be, cut all those ends and pull them through. The tail on mine was substantial enough to call it a fringe all by itself!

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