Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 272 and the Paper Fan

I can't remember ever doing this outside of elementary school, but surely it's familiar to just about everyone. Remember back when you were very young and it was a very hot day and sitting in school was unbearable because most schools weren't air conditioned at the time. You took a piece of notebook paper, folded it like an accordion, and had yourself a little paper fan to wind away your sweat.

This is the basic method for this scarf. I had almost no fabric left of the fleece, but it was just long enough to be a scarf if there was something to secure it. I made an accordion fold and used my scissors to make a hole all the way through the layers and did the same thing at the other end. I then threaded some I cord through the holes and tied a little bow in front. It would be a good place to substitute ribbon or a shawl pin if it's on the longer side. It looks a little like a heavy scouts kerchief, doesn't it?

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