Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31 and the Shortstop

I call it this because I literally stopped short. This could have easily been a normal scarf that hangs around your neck in the normal way, but because I stopped short, I needed a way to keep this itty bitty length from constantly falling off the neck. The result was a style of keyhole scarf. By folding over the one end and sewing or darning it into place, the end piece is a nice tube of fabric through which the rest of the scarf can be threaded so that it holds onto itself. It even has more functionality for an acrylic since the sewn stitches also prevent some curling.

This was a pattern taken from Stitchionary: Lace so be sure to check that book out if you don't already own it. I added a border because this scarf is made from acrylic and there's no way to block it.
Right side: Sl 1 Kwise, K2, P2 (pattern) P2, K3
Wrong side: Sl 1 Kwise, K4 (pattern) K5

Finally I did my best to graft it cleanly to the other side. This was tricky because you are grafting front to back , but if you go slowly and follow the movement of the yarn, it can result in a very clean connection.

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  1. Wishing I was an octopus and had more arms to knit with...


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