Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 337 and Ninja

Here's a simple equation: Hat + Cowl = Ski mask.

I've had this on my wish list for a while now! Here's the set up.
If you know the recipe for a short row hat knitted sideways, you can make it into a ski mask very easily. All you have to do is cast on many many more stitches until it's long enough to cover the face. On the crown edge, work the decrease wedges as you normally would and on the long edge, just knit straight.

When it comes time to put the face in, all you have to do is work the hat as if it were only a hat leaving all the other stitches on the needle. Then cut the yarn and attach it to the face area leaving a few stitches gap for the eyes. Knit straight until it's the same width as the hat portion and sew the seam.

I need to deconstruct this project again and post a better pattern. In all honesty, I made this one up as I went along (and that's very much like me). Among my goals for the new year is learning to make a PDF so I can post better patterns to ravelry. :)

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  1. Just so everyone else knows, I called dibs on this one. :D



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