Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 358 and Twizzles

The cutest little not pompoms you ever saw dangle at each end of this skinny scarf. Whenever I make a skinny scarf I try to make it longer than usual so that it can be wrapped around the neck at least twice unless it's just for decoration. This one is definitely fluffy and deserves to face the storms.

It's a simple length wise scarf in double crochet except for the twizzles which are super easy to add as you go. For each twizzle chain an additional 10 stitches at the end of the row. Double crochet 3 times into the 4th stitch and 3 double crochet into each of the following 6 chains. At this point you should be lined back up to continue the plain double crochet section of the scarf.

Mine is only 2 thick rows wide, but yours could be as big as you want it to be! There's plenty of room to add a twizzle at the end of every single row if you wanted to. I only had about one third of a skein of Homespun by Lion Brand held double on a size P hook. I didn't count the chains but I stopped at the 5 foot mark. Go crazy with yours! :D

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