Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 342 and Mimsy Porpington

Why the weird name!!?? I was inspired by the gigantic victorian neck ruffles. Because this is a very light color it's a little tricky to see the ruffles, but they are in fact vertical and do not lie flat against the rest of the otherwise simple collar. I remembered John Cleese wore something similar as a ghost in the Harry Potter movies and thus the namesake.

Basically, I made a very simple double crochet cowl with no shaping. When I had the width I wanted, I cut my end and wove them in. Then I started a new bit of crochet. This time I made three double crochets around the post of a stitch near the center as well as the one next to it. I chained 1 stitch, rotated the cowl, and worked around the post of another set of stitches. I kept mine lined up for this scarf, to make nice symmetrical ruffles.

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