Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 359 and Function

It's always funny to me when I wear something that happens to have a lot of holes in it because there is inevitably someone who is convinced that there is no way something with holes can keep you warm. It's always very hard to explain the physics of it, but holes really can keep you warm.

Have you ever seen insulation before it's put into the walls? It's very lightweight and very squishy and not at all dense. If you were to shrink yourself down a little bit you would see that it's layers and layers of fiberglass with lots of air in between. The air holds onto heat (the heat that comes from your own skin) and keeps it close to you. While solid fiber would keep you warm, the air held in place does the same thing without the bulk.

I also find that a thick scarf can be pretty stiff so the big holes I've added to the center (a filet crochet hole worked over 2 rows) serves as a very comfortable place to fold over a shawl collar.

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