Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 343 and Lazy

Did I fool you? I've done a woven scarf with scraps before, but no! This is not woven! I crocheted the whole thing. I could have crocheted a mesh and then woven each of the strands through, but I didn't think I had it in me today. I've done tapestry crochet before and if you aren't careful the yarn that is supposed to be hidden inside the stitch can show through. I decided I'd use the folly to my advantage. I thought I'd be lazy and cheat my way to a woven look and I'm not ashamed ;)

Scraps of heavily textured yarn for "weaving"
Size M hook
TLC Amore held double (Main color)(any worsted or light worsted will do)
Tapestry needle

Cut as many scraps as you plan on using head of time about 5.5 feet for each length. The number of strands you should use for each row can be any number you like, but I used enough strands that when held together, they approximated the width of the chain created with the main color yarn.

Throughout the pattern, for every single crochet stitch including the very first and very last of every row, catch the scrap yarns inside the stitch as follows: Insert hook, pull up a loop, position scraps against the main fabric (or chain on the bass row), reach OVER the scraps to catch your loop and finish the stitch. Once again, this method of catching the scraps happens on each and every single crochet stitch throughout the pattern.

Chain 101 using main color.
Base row: SC into second chain from hook. *Chain 2, skip 2 chain, SC into next chain* repeat to last chain, Sc in last chain.
All following rows: Chain 1, Turn. SC into first stitch *Chain 2, skip chain space, SC into next SC* repeat to last stitch, SC in final stitch.

Repeat the second row until the scarf is as wide as you'd like. I had less than half a skein of amore and still was able to make a 6 inch wide scarf. If you'd like a longer scarf, increase the beginning chain with any multiple of 3.

Cut your scraps ends evenly or artistically as you please. Cut the main color and sew in the loose ends of the main color.

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