Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 339 and Comic

Shameless plug alert! My fiance Kevin has been writing a webcomic (idget) semi regularly since... shoot, I don't even know! It's got to be about 10 years running now.

I turn to him today and I say, "Kevin! Give me an idea for a scarf! I'm feeling a little uninspired."
He says, "Do a scarf about a comic strip." I sense he's being facetious until *bing! lightbulb!*
I reply, "Perfect!"

It's really just another clever way to use an applique, but even more, it's a way to tell others what you're thinking. I have a rather large collection of buttons (badges). I used to display them on the upholstered ceiling of my car. Unfortunately my new car has a hard fiberglass top and I can't transfer the buttons there. This scarf gives me a new opportunity to show off the collection. If you don't have a huge set of brooches, badges, or high school kids in sports and band uniforms,* I suggest sewing in 3 black buttons in a row. Better to remain silent with a set of ellipsis, then to have a blank speech bubble and be thought a fool.

What? Is that not the phrase?

2 skeins Loops and Threads Charisma (held double throughout) I used offwhite.
Size 19 needles
10 yards worsted yarn (I used black)
size 7 or 8 dpns (A cranking icord maker or knitting nancy will work just fine too if you prefer)
Tapestry needle

Cast on 14 with large needles.
Rows 1, 2: [k1, p1] across
Rows 3, 4: [p1, k1] across
Repeat these rows until you're clean out of yarn. Bind off.

Cast on 4 with Dpns. Work i-cord until you're clean out of yarn.

Arrange the cording on the scarf in the shape of a speech bubble and sew into place. Use the black yarn to attach the cord as the white is far too large. If you catch only the purl ridges on the scarf body as you sew, the backside will have no trace of your stitches and appear clean and neat.
Pin some badges or sew some buttons and tell everyone what you have to say!

*Did anyone else's school do this? My high school had a photo roster which was turned into campaign style badges for parents to wear. Pass along the idea if your local house of learning hasn't already adopted the practice.


  1. I love this idea! Every Monday I'd have to pin on a grumpy badge!

  2. @knitinc HAHA! I have a grumpy pin and it's the first one I put in the bubble!!


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